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We saw recently that Mega Rayquaza was put in the AG tier. So I was wondering, is Mega Salamence the new Rayquaza?

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As of such, Mega Salamence and Mega Rayquaza have many striking resemblances. But here are the main factors that kept Mega Rayquaza from staying in Ubers:

  • Powerful, can literally 2HKO and OHKO the whole of Ubers after a set up chance.
  • In the cases it opts Swords Dance and not Dragon Dance, it's got a nuclear Extreme Speed.
  • Horrifyingly durable. Actually survives a Mega Mewtwo Y's Ice Beam to the face and OHKOs back.
  • It's ability aids it's bulk a lot, helping it set up Dragon Dances, Swords Dances, Substitutes etc.
  • The only mega to hold an item. Basically death incarnate because of this.
  • Ability also makes it the best (and probably only) safe counter to Primal Groudon, which is also a threat in Ubers.

As of such, bulk, ability and the potential to hold an item are what differentiate Mega Rayquaza from Mega Salamence. These factors are huge, as a Choice Banded Mega Rayquaza is bound to hurt more than Salamence.

Mega Salamence definitely makes a splash, but comparing it to how much Mega Rayquaza wrecks Ubers, is like comparing a puddle to a sea (maybe not that much; but you get my point). So no, Salamence isn't taking up the top notch position that Mega Rayquaza held in Ubers just yet.

Hope I helped!

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We all know Mega Salamence doesn't compare to Mega Rayquaza, he's asking wether M-Salamence is the new Rayquaza.
I think that's what I tried to explain. As for the normal Rayquaza, it's still in Ubers, it's only the Mega that was banned.
Yeah, so the question is weird, Rayquaza is still in Ubers, so why would M-Salamence be replacing it? It hasn't gone anywhere.