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Im playing ultra moon and I taught rayquaza outrage but then gave him a persim berry to break out of confusion but after I gave him the berry he would mega evolve but when I took it off he did. why is this?

Persim berries shouldn't prevent mega evolving. Are you playing a special format where mega evolving isn't allowed? Did Rayquaza always know dragon ascent? Did you already mega evolve another Pokemon in that battle? (mega evolving Rayquaza, letting it faint, and reviving it should count as "already mega evolved" and prevent you from doing it again, but that probably isn't what happened here)
Your details say that it mega evolves in either case.

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Rayquaza, in order to mega evolve, must know the move dragon ascent
Its basically a flying type close combat. Mega Rayquaza was banned from ubers, a format where Pokemon like mega mewtwo run rampant, due to it not needing a mega crystal. Because of this it is easily the most overpowered Pokemon in the history of the franchise.

The only two possible ways that the mega evolution would have been unable to work would be if A: you already mega evolved a Pokemon or B: rayquaza did not know the move dragon ascent.
-edit- apparently it also doesn't work with z crystals

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"It can Mega Evolve into Mega Rayquaza, but only if it knows the move Dragon Ascent and is not holding a Z-Crystal."
So you should add a 'C' for that.
i didnt know it couldnt use a z-crystal, huh.
I suppose game freak, in a rare moment of being kind to the meta, decided that a Mega that can use a Z-Move would be far too OP, especially one as strong as Mega Rayquaza.