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I was breeding a DDance Bagon the other day, using regular Bagon and a Horsea with DDance and Hydro Pump. As a pleasant surprise, my baby Bagon got both as Egg Moves. But I wondered, why have I never seen Hydro Pump as a move on a Special Salamence set? It's powerful and gets good coverage. So is Hydro Pump viable on Salamence, especially with its Mega's buffed Special Attack?

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Not the greatest coverage

Only hits 3 types super-effectively. May be good but not good enough.
Also, even though it is not common, it's quite good.
High power and decent accuracy but not recommended.
Heck, even special sets aren't used much. Mostly mixed sets.
Here's a good mixed mega set:
Salamence @ Salamencite
EVs: 200 Atk/252 Spd/56 Sp.atk
Nature: Naive/Hasty
-Dragon Claw
-Hyper Voice
-Dragon Dance/Roost/Tailwind/Zen Headbutt
The role here is to be a mixed attacker obviously xD idk why I just stated the obvious.
So anyways, that Hyper Voice is gonna hurt even with only 56 sp.atk EVs invested. Last slot is your choice.
Roost is to last longer.
Dragon Dance is to set up and hopefully become a threat.
Tailwind is for support.
Zen Headbutt is a filler.

Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!

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3 types; ground rock & fire.
Tanks ^.^
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For a Hydro Pump Salamence you can run this set:
Item: Salamencite
Evs : 252 sp.attack 252 speed 6 defence
Moves :
Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse
Heat Wave
Hydro Pump
Hyper Voice/Roost

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