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I was battling in the maison then I ran into an espeon with yawn. On the first turn, Espeon used yawn and blaziken used swords dance. On the next turn espeon uses protect while I switch ou blaziken for kangaskhan. On the 3rd turn kangaskhan mega evolves and espeon uses yawn again. Then on the 4th turn I switch in Blaziken and then it fell asleep?! Why?

The Battle Maison is glitch central... All kinds off stuff happens.
Since when did the Battle Maison become Glitch Central?
Ever since a certain Bibarel activated it's Quick Claw on turn one and used up its Red Card on turn two ;-;

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There are 3 possible reasons:
1. sleep activated on the turn you switched, yet didn't show it/you didn't see it
2. the yawn on Kangaskhan was still active in the switch
3. it was a glitch

I don't know enough about yawn to add more, so I have posted a link below to the move.

Click Here