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With the release of ORAS and the evolution of the metagame, it makes sense that there will be some power shifts. I want to know what Mega Pokémon have been either promoted to Ubers, promoted to OU, demoted from Ubers or demoted from OU. I know that certain Megas (Lucario, Gengar, Kangaskhan) were banned to Ubers in XY, but have any of them falled from glory? Likewise, I know that Mega Salamence has been promoted to Ubers and that Mega Rayquaza has been kicked out and into AG, but has there been any other cases like that?


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Mega-Pokemon tiering (ORAS only):

  • Mega-Altaria: BL
  • Mega-Audino: NU
  • Mega-Beedrill: UU (<3)
  • Mega-Glalie: PU
  • Mega [email protected]: OU
  • Mega-Lopunny: RU
  • Mega-Metagross: OU
  • Mega-Pidgeot: RU
  • Mega-Sharpedo: RU
  • Mega-Steelix: NU
  • Mega-Swampert: UU
  • Mega-Gallade: BL2
  • Mega-Sableye: OU
  • Mega-Salamence: Ubers
  • Mega-Sceptile: RU
  • Mega-Camerupt: PU
  • Mega-Houndoom: Demoted from UU to RU

So far, Mega-Houndoom seem to be the only XY mega that has been demoted. No XY mega changed their tier yet.
My source is Showdown. (just write "mega" and they show up with their tiers)

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