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Like how Excadrill was Uber in Gen 5 but it was moved down to OU in Gen 6. What are all of the Pokemon that have "done this before"?

Why would you even care...
It's fun to know stuff about Pokemon like this.  I quite enjoyed reading this answer.

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~ Landorus
~ Excadrill
~ Garchomp(In Gen V)
~ Thundurus
~ Genesect (Beginning of Gen VI)
~ Blaziken (Beginning of Gen VI)
~ Deoxys-S+D+N (Beginning and middle of Gen VI)
~ Wobbuffet+ Wynaut (Gen IV to Gen V)
~ Salamence (Gen IV to Gen V)
~ Shaymin-Sky (Short period of time)
~ Tornadus-T
~ Mew(Gen IV to Gen V)
~ Celebi (Gen II to Gen III)
~ Latios and Latias (Since Soul Dew went unreleased in Gen V)
~ Manaphy (Gen V to Gen VI)

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What about Deoxys-A? It's not listed. But good job tho
DeoA was never removed from Ubers
Oh yeah :P