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i know "How would I counter Charizard Y?" is already there, but I am asking for a counter for his common switches, like Rotom-Wash. it is so annoying when you could kill a really strong Pokemon, and then they switch out for a counter which takes little to no damage from your move. so I want a Pokemon that forces Charizard to switch, only to land a super-effective hit on his switch choice. It can be banded, choiced, I don't care, as long as it works. I will even use a set-up if I have to, just help me please.

i forgot to add, please can it kill of charizard as well.

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i forgot to add, please can it kill of charizard as well.

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Gastrodon is quite a force to be reckoned with. Especially if it has Stone-Edge. I haven't seen many Gastrodons with SE so I'm guessing its not a common move to have on a Gastrodon. Which is all the better as SE has a 50% Chance to OHKO Zard Y

0- Atk Gastrodon Stone Edge vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Mega Charizard Y: 272-324 (91.5 - 109%) -- 50% chance to OHKO

When your opponent switches to Rotom Wash Gastrdon will have no problem stomaching its hits as Gastrodon easily resists Rotom-W's 2 main STAB moves. Gastrodon doesn't have the power to OHKO Rotom-W but it can slowly chip away with Toxic.

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except Megazard-Y will outspeed and ohko it with solar beam.
252 SpA Mega Charizard Y Solar Beam vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Rindo Berry Gastrodon: 358-422 (84 - 99%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Well, Charizard may switch, and i could always choice it.
What gastrodon carries Rindo Berry?
Special ones
Rindo Berry takes away Leftovers recovery, leaving Gastro crippled and 2HKOed by the next SolarBeam if Stone Edge fails to KO.