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So I used it in X and Y and I swept like 100 people (literally) with this thing 6-0!
The set used:
Item: Life Orb
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Adamant Nature (should I make it Jolly?)
-Swords Dance
-Drain Punch
-Sucker Punch
-Poison Jab
Can it be used effectively in the ORAS metagame considering it is a whole new one?

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People don't really know how to defend against a pokemon they don't see too often, like Toxicroak.

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Depends on the team you are against and how good the player is. Honestly, I can't see how that set worked in X/Y, but basically, Talonflame and Lando-T are still running around, so I can't see Toxicroak being in a team without being outclassed.

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More details please?
Talonflame outspeeds (even Sucker Punch) with Gale Wings Brave Bird, and OHKOs. Landorus-T has Intimidate, lowering attack, resists both STAB moves and OHKOs with Earthquake.