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Just tired of facing in-game teams, I consider myself rather good.


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Use Pokemon Showdown instead: http://pokemonshowdown.com

Cannot recommend this site enough. It's a Pokemon battle simulator for competitive Pokemon battles, and it's better than in-game battles in basically every aspect.

  • Faster animation. In-game battles seem dragged out and long, but the Showdown animations are simple and allow you to play battles faster.
  • In built teambuilder. No more grinding in the game, you can just choose your Pokemon from a list.
  • Skilled opponents. While there are still some idiots with troll teams on the site, there are many more quality opponents on the site than in-game, especially once you increase your ladder rank.
  • More accessible. You can use Showdown on many different platforms, but in-game is limited to the 3DS.

If the only type of competitive battle you've ever played is wifi battles, be prepared for a step up in difficulty and understanding rules. Some of the opponents there are very good. What you call "good" in in-game might be terrible in Showdown. Showdown also runs on Smogon's rules and tier systems. Do some research on this before you play.

I was looking on here because I play showdown from time to time, but I seem to have horrible luck on there. Also doesn't help that my internet can't really play showdown without lag
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If you don't want to play showdown, try rating battles. These start out fairly easy, but as you move up in rank, battles get much harder. Also, if you consider yourself rather good, just remember that almost everyone on rating battle have well-bred fighting machines. Be careful and remember to be competitive.