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For a team I want to build.


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Klefki. It has a better move set for the "annoying staller" role, which works well with prankster. Murkrow is generally used as an attacker, so you might have the benefit of surprise. Here is a good set for each.

Klefki @ Leftovers
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpAtk / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
Ability: Prankster
- Calm Mind
- Thunder Wave
- Heal Block
- Dazzling Gleam

[email protected] Eviolite
EVs: 248 D, 248 SpD, 12 HP
Careful Nature
Ability: Prankster
-Sucker Punch
-Roost/Feather Dance

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maybe Air balloon on Kelfki instead of leftovers
What is Heal Block for? Obviously it's to prevent the opponent from healing, but what use does it have. Why not Spikes?
FeatherDance is questionable too. Roost is much more useful, especially under Prankster.