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Or how do you get other fossils

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Inside the Relic Castle, there is a Backpacker. Talk to them, and the offer you either the Cover Fossil (Tirtouga) or the Plume Fossil (Archen).

After you complete the main story, a worker on the Mistralton side of Twist Mountain will give you 1 random fossil daily from all the previous games (Red/Blue through Diamond/Pearl).

To restore a fossil to life, go to the Narcene Musem and talk to the woman behind the counter on the right side with an empty space in your party (if you are full, she will hold onto your pokemon until you make room).

thanks, actually i'm don't have any fossil in black/white
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Eventually in one point in the game (l believe this is a spoiler, so l won't say it, but you probably won't consider it a spoiler), a man will let you choose one of two fossils he has in a certain place.

(Tell me if you wanna know anyways)

It's not a huge spoiler but it's fairly early in the game.
Yeah, but l always try and avoid even the slightest spoilers for myself, and anyone else just in case.
Sure I wana know if I passed it or if im about to
I wanna know!