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Luvdisc's reputation is deservingly bad. Does it have a proficiency in battle of any kind?
(Also, any OTHER in-game skills it possesses?)

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Nope. It's not good for anything battle wise.

However, it has a 50% chance to hold a heart scale, which is a useful item ingame. And it's a good water HM slave, being able to learn the three main water HMs, Waterfall, Surf, and Dive. It can also learn Whirlpool through the HM in HGSS.

At least it can learn a bunch of stat-lowering moves in gen 5. Luckily, when you catch it it's high enough level to hopefully have at least Sweet Kiss and Attract. I have a shortage of pokemon-to-catch-pokemon and my luvdisc is my best bet XD
Contests maybe xD
Hm...I'm using Gen 5... : /
Maybe Musicals?  I don't really do those anyway XD