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The title says it all really.

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There are two ways to achieve a critical hit every turn.

  • Use Storm Throw or Frost Breath, which always results in a Critical Hit.
  • If you have a Stage 3 or higher critical hit. These can be increased by the following:
    • Use a move with a high critical hit ratio (Psycho Cut, Slash, Aeroblast, Blaze Kick, Attack Order, Air Cutter, Crabhammer, Cross Poison, Cross Chop, Drill Run, Karate Chop, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Poison Tail, Razor Leaf, Razor Wind, Sky Attack, Spacial Rend, Stone Edge)
    • Hold a Razor Claw, Scope Lens, Stick (Farfetch'd), Lucky Punch (Chansey)
    • Have Super Luck as an Ability
    • Using a Dire Hit, Focus Energy (+2), Comsuming a Lansat Berry

Any combination of 3 of those 4 classes will give you a 100% chance to land a crititcal hit. A combnation of Focus Energy plus any other class ALWAYS results in a critical hit, as it got buffed this generation.


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There is not a guarantee critical hit technique, but some moves such as frost breath always result in a critical hit. You can also increase the chances of critical hits by holding the kings rock.

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No, there is. Razor Claw+Focus Energy is crit every time.
I thought King's rock was for flinch...
Oops, that was a mistake.