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I'm building a experimental team, and I've already pinned down Bastiodon as my physical wall, but, other than the kind of obvious choices like Blissey or Sylveon. So, could someone give me some kind of Pokemon they would recommend? Bonus points if they happen to be more obscure.

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is this competitive? what tier is it?
Yeah um, obscure ones tend to be worse.
ie. Bastiodon is a rather useless physical wall, being vastly inferior to the likes of Skarmory.
To answer your question, MechSteelix, no, it's not really for competitive reasons I'm building this particular team, I already have four teams for competitive battle. This is strictly for fun. And to reply to Sempiternus, I don't think Bastiodon is useless. I'd rather use him before making a statement like that.
Besides, using Pokemon like Bastiodon makes things more interesting, no?
I've used him. I used to play quite a bit of NU, and even then he was bah.
Bastiodon has high Defense and Special Defense, yes. However, he has a fairly low HP stat, lacks any form of reliable recovery, and Steel-Rock is a pretty meh typing, with 4x weaknesses to common attacking types like Ground and Fighting. Non-existant stats on offence means that outside of Toxic/Metal Burst, Bastiodon finds it difficult to deal any sort of meaningful damage. Bastiodon's most common set is Toxic / Stealth Rock / Roar / Magic Coat or Metal Burst. It's for those reasons that it's in PU this gen, the worst possible tier for Pokemon which cannot evolve further.

Skarmory on the other hand, functions as a much better physical wall . It has a lower defense, yes, but base 140 is more than enough, and it has a slightly higher HP stat. It most importantly, has access to Roost which provides reliable recovery, and has a better typing in Steel/Flying which provides a neutrality to Fighting and an immunity to Ground. Base 80 Atk + Brave Bird which is a powerful move in its own right, coupled with STAB means Skarmory can still deal somewhat usable damage. Skarmory can also opt to run Defog, which is one of the most useful moves for a team support this gen, removing all forms of hazards as well as Light Screen and Reflect.

TL:DR useless compared to skarmory
Fun huh? Yeah, I find it so fun getting trashed by every second decent team out there because I'm using PU in OU or something.
Fun is fine, but in my mind, fun =/= unviable.
^ Completely shut him down xD
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Assuming this is OU:

Heatran Sylveon Latias Blissey Chansey Ferrothorn Umbreon Vaporeon Milotic Suicune Cresselia Togekiss Alomamola Goodra Slowking Mega Audino Cofagrigus Gastrodon

Erm... yeah, you're welcome.

Lawl, Mega Audino
I've seen them used on Showdown before, but honestly I wouldn't recommend using one :P
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Some good Specially Defensive Walls include:

enter image description here
This is one of the bulkiest Pokemon around, and for good reason. Nearly impossible to be OHKOed, Cresselia sits there and laughs at Draco Meteors and Scalds that simple slide off its Duck Skin.

enter image description here
Milotic is another extremely bulky Special Wall. It can take special hits really well with its stellar base 125 Special Defence while dishing out boiling-hot Scalds and Toxic at her assailants.

enter image description here
With its famed "Crocune" Resttalk Mono-Attacking set feared across generations, Suicune is an extremely bulky water type. Set up a few Calm Minds and this thing is nearly unbreakable on the Special side unless the opponent scores a lucky crit, of course.

enter image description here
Assault Vest Snorlax is another pretty good option you can take as a Specially Defensive tank that can both take and dish out hits. Thanks to Thick Fat it is great at absorbing Fire Blasts and Ice Beams and hitting hard in return.

enter image description here
Assault Vest Goodra acts like a Specially attacking version of Assault Vest Snorlax, with powerful BoltBeam Coverage (Ice Beam + Thunderbolt), Fire Blast, Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse, Sludge Wave, this thing gets a lot of coverage and has a useful immunity to Leech Seed or Spore shenanigans with its Sap Sipper Ability.

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Shuckle is a good choice for attack or defense! It has the highest defense so it can switch it to the highest attack!

this is a list soooo this answer shouldn;t really be allowed
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I would suggest the following Pokemon:

  • Dusknoir/Dusclops: Even though this is in NU, it still has great defenses (in both Special and Physical). With Eviolite, Dusclops can even be tankier than its evolution (Dusknoir).

  • Goodra: With great Sp. Def and Sp. Atk, Goodra can be either a staller or a bulky special sweeper. Goodra also has a great ability in Hydration, which allows it to use Rest and recover Sleep status in Rain.

  • Latias: Also a suitable Sp. Def tank. It has access to a variety of helpful moves, like Thunder Wave, Reflect, Light Screen, Healing Wish and more.

  • Snorlax: Can be a great Physical attacker and a good Sp. Def tank.

  • Mantine: Has great Sp. Def and can use Aqua Ring + Leftovers Recovery. Confuse Ray and Toxic are also great moves it can use.

  • Lugia: Great Defenses and can parashuffle effectively. It can also run a straight forward sweeper set; but Lugia has better Defenses and would be a better staller or parashuffler.

I'll add more later. Hope I helped!