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The best way to do this is with Worry Seed.

Using this move on a Pokemon will show you their original ability before it changes to Insomnia. Once you get the ability you want, faint all the rest and catch the Pokemon with the HA.

Horde battle Pokemon are set up from left to right, like this:


That image was taken from this Horde Hunting Guide - ORAS edition (tumblr link).

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You could use the move Skill Swap, which swaps the opponents ability with yours temporarily. This can be used to see if any of them have a hidden ability.

You could also see if one has a hidden ability in the beginning of the battle, such as when Cloud Nine activates in a Swablu horde from time to time. Use skill Swap then to figure out which one has the hidden ability.

You can also look for signs of a hidden ability. For example, Murkrow. It's hidden ability is Prankster. Keep your battle scene on and see which Murkrow is attacking. If a Murkrow uses a status move and goes before your Pokemon (given its faster), you'll know if one has prankster.

Other than this, it's all up to chance whether or not you find a Pokemon with its Hidden ability.

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