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Since all hidden abilities are obtained through raid battles, I checked Serebii for Meowstic dens and saw that its hidden ability isn't obtainable through its 3 and 4 star raids. Really want Prankster but doesn't seem possible until Pokemon Home comes out. Hopefully someone can prove me wrong.

I’m pretty sure Pokémon with a yellow aura have a chance to be HA. You can increase the chance of finding a Pokémon with a yellow aura by encountering a lot of that species (in total; it doesn’t need to be chained).
I did some research on Brilliant Pokemon and every source I've seen eother doesn't mention HA or states it can't have HA.  Thanks for the reply
I’m not 100% sure about that though (which is why I left that as a comment and not an answer). There’s still a lot we don’t know about these games.
The fact that this is the only pokemon I've ran into where getting his/her hidden ability seems impossible. I don't know why this pokemon has gotten this treatment, but this needs to talked about more or 100% address or this just proves that this is the first catchable pokemon banned from its hidden ability. I've been grinding this for a while now. If I ever do find one, I'll post.
If you go serbii on Pokemon sword and shield, it give you the list HA of that Pokemon.
Thing is in Espurr’s swsh page on Serebii it says the HA isn’t available, even tho Meowstic’s page says it is. And on the info of the dens that they spawn on it says only the basic abilities are available. Maybe they just removed it

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As of this article's writing, HA Meowstic was unavailable. However, there have been trades on numerous forums for HA Meowstic, so it must have been released after that article was written.

Meowstic was originally impossible to get with HA in Sword and Shield, but then it was released with HA.

The Crown Tundra introduced an item called the Ability Patch, which gives a Pokemon its Hidden Ability. Thus, Meowstic can get its HA by applying an Ability Patch to it as well.

Sources: Experience, GameFAQs trades, Reddit trades, the aforementioned article.

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