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The opposing Pokemon in the contest sometimes struggle, and I read that it happens if you hack, but I've never hacked! My game wasn't preowned either! What's going on here?

do you mean "use the move struggle" or "find it hard to beat others?"
It can't use Struggle if you've never hacked or anything, you must have mistook it for another move.
maybe it's just a normal recoil move. or you hit a Ferrothorn with Rocky Helmet, that takes about a 1/4 of your health.
Items don't matter in a Pokemon contest unless their scarves. Rocky Helmet would've done nothing.

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Note the wording very carefully. It should never say the Pokemon "used Struggle". Struggle doesn't exist as a move in contests, and it cannot unless you hack. Since you haven't hacked, it's not the case that Pokemon are using Struggle, because there are instances where the word "struggle" is still used.

The one example that I know of should say something along the lines of "Mienshao struggled to show off much of its appeal because it wasn't excited enough". This happens when you use a move that works well only when the Pokemon is pumped, e.g. Acrobatics, but you didn't use a move before it to get the Pokemon pumped, e.g. Bulk Up.

I think there's also other instances that the contest text would say "the Pokemon struggled to do [whatever]", but I can't remember them specifically.

You probably clicked too fast and only saw the word "struggle" and misinterpreted.

Source: experience.