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I mean, which ones get the most appeal, and excitement in oras.


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Cool: Raichu

Round 1-Agility
Round 2-Electro Ball
Round 3-Agility
Round 4-Electro Ball
Round 5-Hyper Beam

Beauty: Muk

Round 1-Flamethrower
Round 2-Sunny Day
Round 3-Flamethrower
Round 4-Mean Look
Round 5-Explosion

Cute: Linoone

Round 1-Rest
Round 2-Snore
Round 3-Rest
Round 4-Snore
Round 5-Belly Drum (if going last) or Return

Clever: Gardevoir

Round 1-Psychic
Round 2-Shadow Ball
Round 3-Psychic
Round 4-Taunt
Round 5-Destiny Bond

Tough: Haxorus

Round 1-Endure
Round 2-Endeavor
Round 3-Strength
Round 4-Endure
Round 5-Giga Impact

These are just movesets that I've found effective with Pokemon that are easily obtained in ORAS.

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Ofc muk is beautiful
You have a very beautiful Muk  lol I love it! Muk is one of my favorite pokemon and I think it's awesome that it can be a beautiful pile of sludge.