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It's a tier on Showdown and was wondering what it was.

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Hackmons is a tier where Pokemon can have maxed out EVs, any ability, and any combination of moves. It is noticeably different than standard because there's stuff like Sturdy Shedinja, Contrary Deoxys-S, Huge Power Slaking, etc. Basically, anything goes.

Balanced Hackmons has developed from that. It's the same as Hackmons except OHKO moves, Huge Power, and Pure Power are banned (they were deemed unbalanced, hence the name).

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I am talking about "classic hackmon "not "hackmon".
Classic Hackmon are just the hackmon tier Pokemon that existed before Balanced Hackmons aren't they?
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I'm not sure what Classic Hackmons is, even after looking around Smogon, but I do know a little bit about Balanced Hackmons.

Balanced Hackmons is an Other Metagame in which any Pokémon can have any ability, any move and 252 EVs in every* stat. Essentially, it's just STABmons with unlimited options. This basically means you can do whatever the heck you want. Precepice Blades Garchomp? With ease. Regenerator Hippowdon? No problem. Prankster Spore? Easy.

In short, Hackmons is the ultimate Pokémon playground. For some good Hackmons strategies, see here.

  • There are some banned abilities. They are: Huge Power, Pure Power, Shadow Tag, Parental Bond, Arena Trap, and Wonder Guard.