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So... I read the other Q, and...
I've Googled around and seen quite a bit of Prankster Spore, and such. What other combinations are used? I've been thinking about Simple SmashPassing :P

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I love Hackmons, and it is what drew me to Showdown in the first place. I've had a good amount of experience with Balanced Hackmons, but not regular Hackmons. The strategy should still remain the same.

Deoxys-S can use any one of four abilties to do huge damage to the foe.
As it is the fastest Pokemon in the game, it's Pranskster goes before any other, allowing it to give the fastest Prankster Spore.
It has the fastest No-Guard Sheer Cold in the game.
It can use Mold Breaker to Spore through Magic Bounce.
And it can use Magic Bounce to reflect Spores and set up Hazards to take down Wonder Guard users.

Imposter Blissey, as Blissey has the highest HP in the game (Imposter only keeps the HP stat.)

Huge Power or Pure Power Slaking. No more Truant. And incredibly high stats. STAB Extremespeed. The thing is a bulky menace.

Wonder Guard Spiritomb. Wonder Guard+Air Balloon on an Electric type or Dark/Poison type such as Drapion. I believe setting up a Substitute makes this invincible along with Magic Coat, which stops phazing. Air Balloon also helps protect against the one weakness of these Pokemon, Toxic Spikes.

While I haven't seen much this used, an excellent strategy that Zach told me about is Pranster Restalk with phazing moves Dragon Tail and Whirlwind. Since there are some incredibly bulky Pokemon, this becomes very viable, especially with hazards.

Having Shadow Tag is always popular, as with a Set-up attack from a bulky Pokemon, you can easily win the game (after taking out Blissey, unless you also have a Sub in the set.) I once used Acupressure to get to +6 in all my stats, and then swept, just because I used a Shadow Tag Giratina on the first turn against Deoxys-S (watch out for the Mold Breaker Deoxys, this strategy only works 2/3 of the time in BH. Also make sure to use Magic Coat on turn one against Spore!)

Contrary with V-Create or any STAB -2 Attack (Psycho Boost, Overheat, Leaf Storm) is pretty awesome. Reshiram is a popular user of Contrary Overheat.

Always remember to carry around a Pokemon with Mold Breaker, as it is sometimes the only thing that can defeat a Wonder Guard Pokemon. Sand and Hail also help with this.

As for Simple Smash Passing, Baton Passing is a waste of time when every Pokemon can learn any move. That isn't to say Simple is bad though. Try Simple and Tail Glow for an instant +6 boost.

For Balanced Hackmons, remember Pure Power, Huge Power, OHKO attacks, and Wonder Guard are banned.

I haven't gotten a clear answer to anybody on Showdown about this, but Moody might also be used with a stall set similar to what we saw with Bibarel at the start of BW. I don't know if it is banned though in Balanced Hackmons, so get a clear answer before using it.

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Didn't you just copy this from Smogon 0_O
No. I'm guessing you're referring to the recent article (which is where I did find a juicy Tail Glow and Simple strategy, nothing else new, I would suggest people new to the metagame reading it though http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue21/hackmons) but really, that thing has the most basic stuff in hackmons. Anybody who has played Hackmons for any amount of time knows the main things of the game. Deoxys-S is the most used Pokemon (1    | Deoxys-Speed       | 1167   | 39.426% | 652    | 44.104% ) in Hackmons, so the triple/quadruple ability usage is well known by everybody who plays.

As for the rest, they're all pretty obvious. I chose to go in order of the usage of the Pokemon in Hackmons http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3470331
Well played. All of mine came off the top of my head, as I can't view 2 pages at the same timw w/my ipod.
Exactly who is zach?
Zach is trachy, my brother.
I see, that is not common knowledge round the db
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TrMeganiumEnt had very good examples. I would also like to add a method that I learned from showdown. What you should do is get a shedinja. And give it the ability sturdy. Now its much better since it cant be knocked out by any moves. A good plan to go along with this is by giving shedinja safeguard. So not only can it not be harmed by regular attacks, it also can't be harmed by status conditions such as poisoning or being burned. Also, im not sure if sturdy can protect you from weather, if it can then you are literally unstopable.

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You are still weak to status and weather. Safety Goggles or lum berry works best