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Always thought this was an intriguing format, but seemed too daunting for me to actually pick up without help.

Advice for Balanced Hackmons is also encouraged.

If this should go in RMT, please let me know and I'll migrate it. I know outright asking for teams is bad, but maybe this can actually be helpful for people who are new to the format.

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Gen 6 pure Hackmons is by far the most common because of the Ladder.

Balanced has limits (which doesn't allow too centralising abilities and moves etc), which makes it a more "balanced" metagame. Pure is everything allowed through hacking, so like *everything* is there.
Alright so it seems the boat got turned in the direction of PH at 3 AM so yeah let's shoot for Gen 6 hackmons first ig
So Gen 6 Pure Hackmons be it?
If yes I'll have a long read ready in a few days (I suck at typing gg).
Yeah that'll do!
Ok just an update I'm done with main abilities, onto main Pokémon, I hope to finish by tommo rip

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ORAS Hackmons Primer

Incidentally my answer was too long to fit here.

Therefore, here's a beautiful Google Docs Link with the answer. Hope it's fine, if I edited it to get any part out, I would have missed something important that I didn't want. I hope this would be a good starting point for any person interested in Hackmons. I have poured a lot of my time and energy into this, glad it came out so well. Wouldn't write anything unimportant anymore, off to the answer!


Meta-Defining Abilities

  • No Guard
  • Wonder Guard
  • Mold Breaker
  • Imposter
  • Huge Power
  • -Ate
  • Prankster
  • Shadow Tag
  • Fur Coat
  • Gale Wings
  • Magic Bounce

Meta-Defining Pokémon

  • Deoxys-Speed and Lopunny-Mega
  • Arceus, Audino-M, Scizor-M, Xerneas, Swampert-M and Gyarados
  • Giratina
  • Aerodactyl-Mega
  • Blissey and Chansey
  • Gengar-M and Latios-M
  • Diancie-M and Kyurem-B
  • Mewtwo-Mega-X, Regigigas and Slaking
  • Gyarados
  • Rayquaza-Mega
  • Slowbro-M
  • Yveltal

Other Premier Threats

  • SturdNinja (Note: This strategy is pure cheese and outclassed by everything. Don't use it. Thanks.)
  • TrickChoice
  • Hazards

Common Items

  • Focus Sash
  • Shed Shell
  • Safety Goggles
  • Lum Berry
  • Mail
  • Griseous Orb
  • Respective Mega Stones
  • Choice Scarf
  • Choice Band / Choice Specs

Outclassed Stratergies

  • Burn Up Fire- types WG's
  • SturdNinja
  • Contary

Comment here or reach out to me through wall posts or Discord for help with any Hackmons gen. I'll be ready to help anytime

Hope it helped!

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You didn't ask on Smogon, so I asked for you. This is for Pure Hackmons.

Neutralizing Gas suppresses abilities that were dominant in earlier gens, making seemingly broken abilities like Huge Power and Innards Out unviable. Newer players tend to gravitate towards Pokemon like Sturdy Shedinja and Air Balloon Wonder Guard Electric-types, which, to be frank, are easily beaten. Strategies with Gastro Acid/Core Enforcer are usually not effective, as the target can simply switch out to regain its ability.

An obscure mechanic to new players is that with 240 EVs and a positive nature in either Defense or Special Defense, Eternatus-Eternamax can become pretty much invincible in said stat. This is because of a mechanic called overflow; more information on it can be found here. Because of this, players resort to using OHKO moves, moves that don't take Defense stats into account like Night Shade, and Shell Smash Stored Power/Power Trip to defeat Eternamax. Support moves from very fast Pokemon such as Regieleki can Taunt Eternamax, either forcing it out or restricting its actions.

A Magic Bounce Pokemon is virtually necessary, because Comatose (one of the few Abilities not suppressed by Neutralizing Gas) + Sleep Talk + Whirlwind/Roar is often used in Pure Hackmons.

Even more so in Gen 8 than in other gens, typing of Pokemon used (outside of Eternamax/very fast Pokemon) is very important - for example, Giratina's viability is in part due to its ability to switch into Pokemon using Horn Drill/Guillotine.

Safety Goggles is a very useful item on Eternamax, because Shell Smash Stored Power/Power Trip sweepers use sleep moves such as Spore to gain turns to set up.

This is for Balanced Hackmons.

BH allows the use of anything that is coded in the game. This allows players to use unreleased mons, moves, abilities and items
This does not allow the player to use mechanics that were available only in previous gen games
The above also means the player can only use 4 moves per Pokermon
Pokemon are able to have maxed out EV's
Pokemon may begin in any form they have in game without restrictions (subject to the banlist). This includes different forms without necessary moves and/or items (such as Aegislash-Blade, Rotom forms, Meloetta-P, Darmanitan-Zen and so forth)
Hard-coded abilities designated for specific Pokemon can be used on other mons but will not have any effect on them. This includes RKS System, Stance Change, Zen Mode, Disguise, Gulp Missile, Flower Gift and so forth
Some moves are hard-coded for a specific Pokemon (or their Imposters), such as Dark Void, Aura Wheel, and Hyperspace Fury
Pokemon that change their forme during battle due to their item can utilize any ability in their base form, but this will be overriden with their new forme's ability

Silvally Mechanics: Silvally can be used in any of its forms. Without RKS system it will take on that form's typing, otherwise it will be normal type. See the following:
Silvally-Grass with RKS System without Grass Memory -> Normal Type
Silvally-Grass with RKS System with Grass Memory -> Grass Type
Silvally-Grass with any other ability with any item -> Grass Type
Pokemon with Imposter while holding special items retain their item's properties. This includes
Stat buffs from items such as Eviolite, Soul Dew, Light Ball, Thick Club, DeepSea items and more
Special effects from items such Lucky Punch or Stick
Note that this excludes Ditto's special items which are specifically coded to not work when Ditto is in a transformed state.

ComaTalk Clause: Sleep Talk can't be run on a Pokemon with the Comatose ability
Dynamax Clause: Dynamaxing is not allowed.
Endless Battle Clause: Forcing an endless battle is banned, similar to the rest of PS
Evasion Moves Clause: No moves that can increase Evasion are allowed. This does not include abilities or items that may modify Evasion passively such as Sand Veil or Brightpowder
Sleep Clause: Only one Pokemon on the opponent's team can be put to sleep at a time. This excludes self-inflicted sleep or Comatose
Forme Clause: You may only use one of each forme of a Pokemon on your team. (Example: you can use both Zamazenta and Zamazenta-Crowned on the same team)

OHKO Moves
Double Iron Bash
Shell Smash
Bolt Beak
Wonder Guard
Pure / Huge Power
Parental Bond
Protean / Libero
Shadow Tag / Arena Trap
Water Bubble
Innards Out
Magnet Pull
Neutralizing Gas
Gorilla Tactics
Intrepid Sword

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The OP asked for Gen 6 Pure Hackmons, you did Gen 8
yeah, well, you would have to swim through a sea of comments to find that, so i forgive them.
Do you want to go to https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/pure-hackmons.3656851/page-7 and ask them about gen 6 Pure Hackmons?
No, Old Gen(s) of PH have their respective megathread.
An I'm typing a answer right now so I don't feel a need to ask.
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I'm posting 2 answers because I have too many characters for 1 answer. This is for Pure Hackmons.

If you have no clue what to put on your Pure Hackmons Pokemon set, Neutralizing Gas and Safety Goggles are pretty good defaults. As mbouchon says, Safety Goggles gives you immunity to Spore (Spore is the only viable move Safety Goggles blocks, though), possibly buying you crucial turns against Shell Smash sweepers and luring opposing Knock Offs. Due to turning off nearly all opposing abilities, Neutralizing Gas lets you switch into opposing No Guard mons (not without risk of being OHKOd the old-fashioned way), forces both them and Wonder Guard mons to suppress your ability, and lets you ignore opposing Magic Bounce (useful on hazard setters, sleep spammers, Taunters, and Encorers) and Sturdy (useful on mons with OHKO moves). As an additional gameplay tip, if you predict the Gastro Acid from a suspected faster No Guarder, firing off an OHKO move is a great way to juke them.

This leads into this gameplay tip: always assume that any Pokemon with no ability message on switch-ins and no Air Balloon has No Guard as its ability. This means that switching in any Pokemon without Neutralizing Gas, Sturdy, or Wonder Guard with no current weaknesses to Normal, Ground, and Ice will probably lead to your mon being OHKOd. This also means that, if the opposing suspected No Guarder suppresses your ability, you should switch out or Dynamax the next turn. As a corollary, switching your No Guarder into any mon without Neutralizing Gas that hasn't been completely scouted for OHKO moves is rather risky, especially if you're switching out OHKO bait such as Eternamax.

Similarly, any mon that successfully uses Lock-On or Mind Reader will probably use a OHKO move the next turn, so make sure to switch out or Dynamax.

Leads often stray from using Safety Goggles because Lovely Kiss, Taunt, and even Trick/Switcheroo are more common on leads, due to dodging Safety Goggles and thus being usable on Turn 1. Lum Berry lets you dodge Lovely Kiss (and Nuzzle/Glare) once, while Mental Herb lets you dodge Taunt/Encore once.

If your team includes a Shell Smasher, scouting the opposing Eternamaxes' overflow-jacked defences is pretty good and will often let you not waste turns hitting Eternamaxes for almost-zero damage late-game. Make sure to keep track of which moves an Eternamax hit by a move for over 1% damage used. Mousing/hovering over that Eternamax should uncover what moves that Eternamax used (even if the game is uncertain which Eternamax it is and therefore assigns more than 4 moves to it), thus helping you determine which defence(s) is not the overflowed defence on that Eternamax. Disruptive moves like Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Lava Plume, Anchor Shot, Thunder Cage, Dragon Tail, Circle Throw, and Clear Smog are often sufficient for determining jacked Eternamax defences, but Spectral Thief is especially valuable for bypassing Substitute as well as stealing opposing stat boosts, thus letting you scout opposing Eternamax jacked defences through Substitute.

Shell Smashers that use Spore need Knock Off support, and without ensuring that all remaining opposing mons have no Safety Goggles and are not Comatose, Spore users risk either losing turns hitting Spore-immunes or not using Spore and leaving themselves open.

Speed tiers in Pure Hackmons can get a little weird. Notably, Eternamax needs a speed-boosting nature and +1 in Speed or a Choice Scarf to outspeed Regieleki (or +2 in Speed). This means that Scarf Eternamax either sacrifices its ability to deal with Regieleki or its ability to take hits. Additionally, any mon that underspeeds min Speed, Speed-lowering nature, 0 Speed IVs Eternamax and therefore Shell Smashes after its Spectral Thief fails to outspeed Regieleki after 1 Shell Smash. (I personally recommend outspeeding Regieleki after 1 Shell Smash. Regieleki often packs really annoying disruptive moves such as Lovely Kiss or Trick.) Shell Smashers that speed tie with or are faster than Eternamax (e.g. Calyrex-Shadow) should use a disruptive move that prevents Eternamax from connecting with Spectral Thief (e.g. Spore, Entrainment Normalize, Imprison Spectral Thief). Shell Smashers slower than Eternamax (e.g. Rayquaza, underspeed Mewtwo) can afford to use coverage. Due to how squishy Indeedee and Obstagoon can be despite their immunity to Spectral Thief and their need to boost multiple times to sweep, they often need to use disruption (e.g. Spore, Substitute, Taunt) instead of coverage.

Precisely because Shell Smashers often forgo coverage for disruption, Dark-types are viable for completely blocking some Psychic-type Shell Smasher movesets and often resisting Power Trip. I recommend Magic Bounce or Comatose for also hosing Entrainment Normalize Calyrex-Shadow, although Techno Blast can sting. A Dark-type with an immunity to Ground/Normal such as Yveltal or Spiritomb has some utility against teams with no Shell Smashers because it can switch into OHKO moves, although Spiritomb loses to Obstagoon, especially when switched into Obstagoon.

Because opponents will try hazard stacking (especially Comaphazer-using opponents), I personally believe that packing a hazard-controlling move is mandatory. Rapid Spin is probably the most common one because you can use it while Taunted, it removes only hazards on your side, it speed boosts, and it has an insanely high 64 PP (thus letting you PP stall in emergencies), although I'm sure Court Change is viable.

Be aware that any plan that takes too long to KO an opponent leaves you open to OHKO moves. This is why slower sets like the Perish Song Trapper and the Leech Seed Taunt Trapper often use Substitute.

Your team should hopefully have multiple plans for dealing with opposing Substitute. Substitute punishes OHKO moves quite hard, although you can still use OHKO moves in desperation. Phazing moves remove Subs, while strong enough regular attacks (e.g. Bolt Beak, Anchor Shot, Knock Off, Lava Plume, Double Iron Bash, Precipice Blades, Thousand Arrows) can wipe out opposing non-Eternamax Subs, Night Shade/Seismic Toss/Nature's Madness wipes out any Sub in 1-2 shots (Nature's Madness is unreliable when your opponent has little HP), Spectral Thief, Ghost Curse, and Perish Song bypass Sub (and so does Gulp Missile on Cramorant-Gorging), and Taunt/Encore can force Sub users to switch out.

If you're desperate, don't be afraid to Dynamax. While Dynamaxed, opposing OHKO and phazing moves fail, and you can get some surprise KOs that way. Don't be afraid to switch out your Dynamaxed mon early if you'll lose massive momentum by not switching it out.

More set-specific tips:
Comaphazer Regieleki can be used as a blanket check to most Shell Smashers that have only boosted once (except any that outspeed at this point such as Calyrex-Shadow) by phazing them out, thus giving the Comaphazer some utility when you cannot get hazards up.
If your side has no hazards and your opponent Comaphazes you anyway, let them waste PP and phaze your Magic Bouncer in.
Assume Cramorant-Gorging always has Gulp Missile - and that it therefore is the paralysis-inducing, chip-damaging, Neutralizing Gas-ignoring, often Taunting fiend Balanced Hackmons ejected for screwing up gameplay. As a result, if your opponent has Cramorant-Gorging and it is not KOed, be very cautious about using any move that can hit Cramorant-Gorging when using any mon that hates paralysis even if the bird is currently switched out. Among other sets, this means that you have to play your own Choice Scarf non-Regieleki-non-Comatose, Taunt OHKOer, Leech Seed Taunt Trapper, and your own Cramorant-Gorging very carefully. (Shell Smashers ironically deal with Cramorant-Gorging OK by OHKOing it, although Cramorant-Gorging often has teammates that take advantage of paralyzed sweepers.)
Any lead needs to be able to deal with opposing leads, whether it's by outspeeding most of them and packing disruption and hazards such as Regieleki, restricting opposing options such as Calyrex-Shadow, or being too bulky to break in some fashion such as Eternamax. Thus, any remaining unorthodox leads need an edge (preferably over Regieleki) to remain viable. Thus, suspect any remaining Zacian-Crowned leads to have Choice Scarf and Precipice Blades (and thus outspeed and OHKO Regieleki), and treat any lead that can OHKO yours seriously (Calyrex-Shadow leads have dropped in viability due to being OHKOd or close to that by too many Knock Offs and Spectral Thiefs).