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Well, Nosepass's Defenses are really good with an Eviolite, but it's HP-stat is lower.
Probopass has a higher HP-stat, but it's defenses are lower then an Eviolite-Nosepass. Plus, Probopass can hold Leftovers, as Nosepass is already holding an Eviolite. But Probopass has the Steel-typing, making only Water-type moves 2x effective on Probopass, making it lose it's Grass- and Steelweakness, but receiving an 4x Fighting- and Ground-type weakness instead of it.

I wonder which one is harder to pass (sorry, I needed to add this joke).

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@Legolegger2 - I'm sorry that you were not satisfied :P.
To be fair, I did say you should probably use a better Pokémon, but if you had to chose one, use Probopass. :P
Levitate Probopass
Yeah, but almost every Team has a Contrary user with Superpower or use Thousand Arrows. :P

Also, some people use Mold Breaker. :P

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If you want an honest answer, I don't think either should be used at all in BH, but Probopass would probably be a better option simply because it has higher defensive stats and HP; additionally, because the only viable Pokémon that uses Eviolite in BH is Illusion Chansey. :P

When stuff like Zygarde-Complete, Dialga, Solgaleo, and Dusk Mane Necrozma are used, anything that doesn't bring phenomenal base stats, typing, and set is generally not used. If you are looking for for a good defensive tank, you should look into those Pokémon, or BH Viability, at least. Make sure the Pokémon you pick is best for its job. :P

Source: My best knowledge of BH

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