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So what I'm talking about is when the foe sends out Type: Null with Eviolite and uses Substitute. Meaning avoiding Topsy-Turvy, Spectral Thief and Clear Smog due to the Substitute will end at the second turn, then uses a status move for Baton Passing. While the foe does that, I use Magic Powder with Infiltrator at start (no Magic Bounce), meaning I can Spectral Thief the foe. Will that work?

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You'll probably get a better answer if you ask here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/balanced-hackmons.3656408/

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Ran a test of this and found that the type change from Magic Powder does not get passed if the affected Pokemon uses Baton Pass. The combo of Magic Powder + Spectral Thief does work to hit normal types, though.

But if you're already going to be running Infiltrator to hit Magic Powder through Substitute, you're probably better off going for Topsy-Turvy or Clear Smog to stop normal types from setting up. Or Haze, which ignores Substitute even without Infiltrator.


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Haze is a very common and useful move in BH.