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Why would you even use Geomancy gardevoir over other superior pokemon

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Short answer: No
Long answer: Why would you even use something like Gardevoir when Xerneas exists? Toxic Orb Poison Heal Xerneas along with Quiver Dance generally outclasses Geomancy sets, so it's a lot more viable than that.

Probably my most out-there nom, but also it's very grounded in truth. I've seen Xerneas as THE most consistent mon in the format at taking on multiple jobs since the beginning of DLC2. Its poison heal set can capitalize off of one or two quiver dances by outspeeding a gigantic chunk of the meta at +1, and STAB moonblast is possibly the best STAB to have, hitting omnipresent dragons for double damage and everything else. Xern's immunity to dragon means it's able to avoid core enforcer counterplay entirely, giving it even fewer ways to be defeated once it's set up with a quiver or two.
Pheal is far from the only viable set that xern can run: in this OMWC there has been very effective usage of xern as a pixilate user as well, since it has great synergy with mons like caly-s that lose to dark types. Its great defensive stats allow it to click rapid spin without any immunities, and fire off multiple high-powered boombursts with the speed boosts from spin. Xern is one of the most consistent mons in the format by far because it excels at filling multiple roles and it doesn't have a hard time blanket checking most of the format when the opponent's team is ridded of the very few existing switch ins.

Hope this helps!

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Not really, no.
You can use Uber-Tiered legends in the tier. Why would you use Gardevoir over them? It would easily be destroyed by the sheer amount of very tough Pokémon in the tier, and it’s somewhat low stats just can’t compete. If you want to use Geomancy+Power Herb Pokémon, there are WAY better options.

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