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so in balanced hackmons, you have unlimited EVs, so they all just cancell each other out.
Spa: everything has maxed defence
spD: anything using special moves will have maxed spA
Atk: everything has maxed defence
defence: all physichal attackers have maxed attack
spe: all Pokemon have maxed speed, leaving it down to base stats alone
HP: Not really countered, but always maxed
so, it's really just down to base stats in BH.
I suppose the difference between BH EV spreads and no EVs at all is the same kind of difference as in battles where all Pokemon are Level 50 compared to a battle where they are all level 100.

You just answered your own question.
no, i meant Am I right in thinking that this OM basically has no EVs?

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You were right about how every Pokemon can have max EVs. However, the EVs still make a slightly noticeable difference. For example, let's imagine that a Pokemon gets hit by a special attack. Without EVs, the attacker has 126 special attack, and the target has 63 special defense. Damage is proportional to attack stat divided by defense stat, so the damage of this attack would be multiplied by two at some point. Max EVs increase each stat by 63, so with EVs, the attacker has 189 special attack and the target has 126 special defense. The damage would be multiplied by 3/2 instead of 2. The same logic goes for when the defense stat is higher than the attack stat. Basically, EVs make it so that differences in base stats don't matter as much.

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Special Attack hits on Special Defense, Not itself.
Sorry about the typo.
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I have one Pokémon with only HP and Speed stat.
Why: Because it has Mirror Coat, Counter and Metal Burst. Taking a lot of damage is effective for someone with such a big HP-stat. A Pokémon knowing Gyro Ball sure won't have Speed EV's, while Sp. Attackers won't have Attack EV's (due to Foul Play). So the meaning of EV's just depend on how you play.

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Metal Burst only works if you're slower than the opponent, so a Pokemon with that move should be running minimum speed.
I found out as well, and now it has only HP EV's