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For instance, Ultra Necrozma (Psychic/Dragon). Does it require a base form (such as DM Necrozma) to become Ultra, and does it require Ultranecrozium Z? Same with Mega Evolutions such as the Latis or Beedrill-M for instance.


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Balanced Hackmons is an Other Metagame where nearly anything is possible, up to in-game limitations. You can assign any moves and abilities to any Pokémon—even ones already in their Mega forme—and use unreleased moves, items, and Pokémon!

Yes, if you use a Pokémon in their Mega/Alternate form, they start that way,and don't need to mega Evolve. If you have a base form holding a Mega Stone, it will still be able to Mega Evolve. Just a side note: Gengarite and Primal Groudon are banned. :P

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