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I was a bit iffy on posting this, but let me explain.

So, when Nintendo releases an event Pokémon, the simply do not find the perfect mon to clone and give away. No. They make it.

They make the mon with the IVs, Shininess, OT, TID, SID, and Moveset, the same way hackers do when hacking Pokemon.

So, aren't event mons just officially hacked Pokémon? They make the Pokémon, not obtain it randomly, so it's technically hacked, but an official hack, right?

I'm just srdftgdhjkj like aren't event mons the same as glorified, official hacked mons?

I think hacked just means not legitimate. When Gamefreak makes events its an intended part of the game.
That's where I'm kind of stumped too. Technically, the Pokemon wasn't legitimately made though, right?
Event Pokémon are usable online, hacked Pokémon generally aren’t.
That's not particularly true-- thats usually only if they're noticeably hacked. I know that from experience
So therefore, they are ilegitimate hacked Pokemon that are "Not Hacked"?
This is a good question, but you've pretty much already answered it in the description of the question. Yes, the Pokemon are technically illegal, but they're still legitimate because they were obtained through legitimate methods. Any discussions as to whether these Pokemon should be considered legitimate or not wouldn't be objective, right? I'm going to flag it for this reason, just for mod attention.

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It depends on how you look at it. Some may say they're not hacked Pokemon, because Game Freak made them, and anything Game Freak makes must be legitimate. Others may say that they are hacked, as they were specifically created, and not randomly encountered or anything. I believe the more popular consensus is that they are not hacked, as logically, why should they be considered that way? The creators of Pokemon made them.

Hope I helped!

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I'm curious to see what others have to say and also if there's been any articles or interviews abt this, so I'm going to wait to BA. remind me to BA tomorrow though :)
Got it.
If you go by the logic of a Pokemon made by Game Freak that wasnt found randomly is illegitimate, then that doesn't make sense. The Pokemon were developed by Game Freak, they gave them designs. And because of course they're not real under that logic you could say every Pokemon is illegitimate.

Sorry for that spat