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I was playing ORAS and I caught a Tailow. It was one of the special DexNav ones, and it had the move Refresh. The problem is, it didn't have Peck. So I have no way of dealing damage. Is there any way to get its Peck move back without catching a new Tailow or replacing Refresh, or will I have to wait for Level 9 to deal any damage?

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This is assuming you've finished the game; you can go to the Move Relearner and let it relearn Peck, or you can teach it a TM.

If you haven't finished the game, yeah, you'll have to wait till Level 9. So just use the switch-out method until it gets to Level 9. Sorry.

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You're gonna have to wait until level 9.
The thing with DexNav special move Pokemon is that their first move, often their damaging move, is the replaced one. So you're gonna have to level Taillow up.

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DexNax automatically replaces the first move, so your Taillow's Peck would be gone forever :(

However, you can also use TM's or HM's for it. Otherwise, you're forced to level it up like a low-leveled Ralts or Abra.

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