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By unusual I mean they differ from the standard prices.

For reference on what the standard prices are:
-Fresh Water: $200
-Soda Pop: $300
-Lemonade: $350

Please also include the prices of the drinks for each location that is unusual.


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Vending Machine in Team Aqua Hideout/Team Magma Hideout .

Each drink cost 50p less then the original price.So,that means:

Fresh Water: 150p
Soda Pop: 250p
Lemonade: 300p


I know this isn't the only one, as the vending machines in the cable car station to Mt Chimney have drinks at twice the price. I would prefer a more concrete source to the bulbapedia talk pages.
+ that time when you get 6 Soda Pops for free at the beach hut.