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Such as 4drag2mag. Not like mono-type teams, just unique styles teams that dont get used a lot.

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*credit to Mew :3 for example* :D
No, Mew inspired the question, I already knew about 4drag2mag
what the hell is that??
a 4drag2mag s a pokemon team that consists of 4 powerful dragon types, magnezone, and magneton. hence then name, 4drag(on)2mag(nezone/nemite). The idea is that the magne's weed out all of the opposing stell types, and then the 4 dragons just wreak chaos on the opposing team. These types of teams are always very similar, but they are also powerful, and extremely uncommon(I can not stress how rare they are). Example: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/11796/4drag2mag-team-smogon-ou
I am not ***completely*** sure, but in a few of my battles, I found these: (dunno their names!)

-Some are FULL "one type teams" (I think they are called **mono-TYPE** teams)

Hope I helped a ***bit*** at least! **(o^_^o)**

EDIT: i'll add a source: My battles!
Magikarp in ubers. Luvdisc in ubers. Fastest pokemon ever. Should try it some time. [Rain + scarf + swift swim]
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Trick Room, Sun Stall, Hail Stall, Hail in general. There's also Gravity.

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