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I've heard of rain, sun, sandstorm, hail, gravity, trick room, stall,.... Are there any kinds I am missing/combinations I am missing? THANKS!

Those are competitive teams, that are only really helpful in competitive use, unless your thinking they are in-game teams. :3
technically you can have any kind of team and you can make up new kinds yourself :3 so yeah

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Well there are many variants of teams and it is hard to list them all because making a new kind of team can be done without you noticing it. You have mentioned the most popular but I will just add on a few:

Rain Team

Rain teams are often lead by Politoed in the OU tier and Kyogre in the Uber tier. They summon permanent rain. Rain teams often consist of Pokemon that can abuse Thunder/Hurricane and that will usually have a fire weakness. In rain the fire damage is reduced by 50% and the water type moves are boosted by 50%

Sun Team

Sun teams are often lead by Ninetales in the OU tier and Groudon in the Uber tier. Theysummon permanent sun which will reduce the power of water type moves by 50% and boost fire type moves by 50%. MOves such as Thunder and Hurricane have a 25% of accuracy

Sand Team

Sand teams are often lead by Tyranitar and or Hippowdon. They both summon a permanent sandstream that will activate certain abilities that will power up ground type moves are boost Special Defense. All non-steel, rock, ground Pokemon will be buffeted by the sand stream each turn

Hail Team

Hail teams are often lead by Abomasnow that summons a permanent hailstorm. Moves such as Blizzard will have a 100% chance of hitting. All non-Ice Pokemon will be buffeted by the hail each turn

Trick Room

Trick Room teams usually consist of very slow Pokemon and often 2 Pokemon that twist the dimensions

Stall Teams

Stall Teams usually consist of bulky Pokemon that have more non-damaging moves then damaging moves. With moves such as toxic, rest, recover etc.. they stall their way to victory.

Monotype teams

Monotype teams consist out of 6 Pokemon that share one type

Hyper Offensive teams

Hyper Offensive teams consist out of 5 Pokemon that have only attacking moves and that have a high offensive presence and 1 Pokemon that lays entry hazards. The attacking Pokemon are usually frail

Standard Offensive teams

Standard offensive teams are very similar to Hyper Offensive teams but rely much more on speed then the 2 other forms of offense. They often utilize powerful choice items and scouting moves such as U-Turn.Good prediction is what keeps standard offensive teams going

Bulky Offensive teams

Bulky Offensive teams rely on bulk rather then speed. They are designed to take hits well and react with an immediate punch in the face


Monogen teams

These teams are made of Pokemon which were all released in the same generation - however their Moves and Abilities do not need to be of the same generation

Monocolur teams

They're all of the same main colour. Yay.

Gravity teams

These teams focus on using the move Gravity, which allows high powered, low accuracy moves like Stone Edge and Focus Blast to hit alot more reliably.

So they go on. Usually subs or combinations of 2 kinds of teams come under these teams such as Sun Hyper Offense or Rain Bulky Offense or Sand Stall.

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I'll just add a few less common ones.

Volt Turn

Team utilises Volt Switch and U-Turn in order to deal with opponents. It abuses the two (usually STAB) switch moves to deal damage while escaping from an unfavourable match up. The most common Volt Turn OU core is Scizor/ Rotom-W, both learning the switching moves as STAB. Mienshao also sees a lot of use due to its Regenerator + U-Turn combo, and Landorus-T as an offensive pivot with Intimidate. Forretress is also common, not least as a Woobuffet switch because of Sturdy.


While you can make naerly any combination of Pokemon in a doubles team, their movesets are usually different from singles teams. Protect is seen in nearly all teams, due to moves like Surf which hit your Pokemon as well as your opponents. Hazards are less frequent in doubles, and so are trick users. There's also the increased use of abilities such as Motor Drive/ Volt Absorb/ Lightningrod + Discharge, Earthquake + Levitate/ Flying type or Storm Drain/ Water Absorb + Surf. Trick Room combinations are also more common in Doubles.

Baton Pass

Team stalls using stat boosts and Baton Pass the boosts on to other members, most of which will use other boosts, and then finally to a sweeper. Common Pokemon seen are Scizor, Eeveelutions (Umbreon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Jolteon), Smeargle, Prankster Volbeat and Ninjask. Team falls apart if Taunt is uses or Whirlwind/ Roar are used (unless Ingrained). Haze or Clear Smog will also ruin the team, but are less common, with the most prevalent Haze user being Cofagrigus. Shell Smash Focus Sash Smeargle (tongue twister) can be dealt with by anything with a priority move or Fake Out.


Gimmick teams are... well, gimmicky. Most common Pokemon are seen are Prankster Riolu (Copycat & Roar) and Prankster Murkrow (Mean Look, Perish Song & Substitute), L1 Shell Bell Sturdy Endeavor Aron (in sand), L1 Leech Seed Prankster Cottonee. Riolu teams will set up hazards and Roar the opposing team, making everything faint from hazard damage. Anything with a priority move, Magic Bounce or Protect will make this strategy useless. Taunt will be useful to prevent set up. Riolu usually holds Sash, so if you can set up hazards on the Riolu's team, it can be KO'd quite easily since it needs to use Roar first before Copy Cat.
Becoming more common are Assist Prankster Liepard & Purrloin.


These teams don't really have a theme, but instead aim to account for all type coverage in 6 members, meaning switching often to wall each other's weaknesses, and usually including a spinner & cleric. Common things utilised are type and ability granted immunities, such as Jellicent's 3 immunities in Normal, Fighting and Water (Water Absorb).