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I failed to catch deoxys in or(it fainted when I used dragon acsent) and I am wondering how to rebattle it.

use dragon pulse and then extreme speed. Then, something else or another ex speed if you want to risk it.
PS: Deoxys fainted for me cuz I got a crit the second time.
PPS: For the something else, try shedninja.

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After you have beat the Pokemon League for a second time, Deoxys will be on top of Sky Pillar. It will be level 80 so be prepared.

By the way, if you knock Deoxys out again, beat the Pokemon League again and he will be in the same location.

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I can beat the league a second time?
Can you do it infinite times?
will thier pkmn keep getting stronger? i dont want to battle a full team of Lvl 100s.