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You're in space. What happens if you black out? Do you just have to catch Rayquaza and go up into space again? Where would you respawn?

I'm asking what would happen if you blacked out in space. That question doesn't give me my answer.

Does the meteorite still get destroyed even if you lose? That's basically what I'm asking
I imagine everything would just respawn and you go back to wherever. It's not the most logical way but this is Pokemon. Also, Deoxys is a relatively easy opponent , it's pretty difficult to get beaten by it considering you had to go through battles that required pretty strong Pokemon.
I OHKOd it with Dragon Ascent. He's like a mewling baby next to my air-dragon-jet-apocalypse-engine.

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>In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, if the player did not catch Deoxys at the edge of space during the Delta Episode, after entering the Hall of Fame Deoxys can be encountered at the summit of the Sky Pillar, along with its triangular shard.

There you have it, if you KO/get KOed by Deoxys in space, after you beat the Elite Four once again Doexys will respawn at the top of the Sky Pillar.

Rayquaza rams into the Meteorite, causing it to be destroyed. If Deoxys KOs all of your Pokemon, nothing happens because Rayquaza has already destroyed the Metorite, all that's left if it is the triangle.
Sorry for misunderstanding your question...


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I think the question meant the other way around-what would happen if you get KOed by Deoxys
The same thing would happen
So the meteorite would still get destroyed by Rayquaza despite my team being defeated? That's what I want to know. I don't care if Deoxys respawns after defeating the elite four or whatever
Yeah, the meteorite still is destroyed because (Spoiler Alert) Rayquaza rams into the Meteorite, causing it to be destroyed
Okay... I'd like video proof of that happening, though. It'd be weird to be defeated and still saving the world... it doesn't make sense
I'll try to find a video, but I doubt I will...