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I was recently traded a 6IV Shiny Latios, but unfortunately, it had a Mild nature. I was thinking it could run a mixed set as a result of this. It's meant to surprise Heatran and Excadrill switch-ins. This is one set I had in mind, but I'm still unsure. I couldn't decide between giving it a Scarf, Life Orb, or Latiosite. Suggestions, anyone?

Latios @ Latiosite
Ability: Levitate
Mild Nature
252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 Atk
-Draco Meteor

Since ur doing latiosite you should run ddance lol
I stated in the last sentence that I don't know what item to run. That's just one possible set.

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Though Latios isn't the best on the physical side, it's somewhat usable. In its mega form, it's very good! Here's a recommended moveset for your mixed Latios:

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EVs: 252 Attack, 100 Special Attack, 156 Speed
Steel Wing (Coverage, especially against Ice, Fairy, and Rock)
Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse (STAB. I recommend Dragon pulse, since it doesn't lower your Special Attack)
Zen Headbutt (STAB. Has a flinch chance and good power)
Dragon Dance/Earthquake (Either raise your stats or dish out hits)

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Steel Wing doesn't hit very hard, even super effectively. I would suggest running both DDance and Earthquake, with one of them replacing Steel Wing.
Though I personally won't be using this set, you make a good point. But Steel Wing gives more coverage against types super effective against it, and sometimes that's more helpful. But that's just me *shrug*
The beauty of a mixed set is that the Draco drop doesn't matter as much
Also max speed is a must, split Eva between attack and special attack
I was planning on DD / EQ / Draco Meteor / Psyshock :P