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I'm trying to get perfect ivs on my Spiritomb in Oras. I've managed to get a male Spiritomb with two perfect ivs in Sp Att and Sp Def, but now i'm stumped. I need a female Spiritomb but when I breed my male spiritomb with a ditto it always comes out male. Is this just bad luck or can I not get a female this way? Someone help!


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Gender: 50% male, 50% female ~ PokémonDB

Male ♂: 50% Female ♀: 50% ~ Serebii

Some Pokémon have a higher chance of their gender being male than female and vice versa. However, Spiritomb is not one of these. You've just been getting the scratched side of the coin :(

enter image description here

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You should be able to breed a female Spiritomb.

The gender ratio is 50% Male, 50% Female so you're just having bad luck. Just keep trying!

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