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Salamence is physical and Charizard is special ofc.
Also provide pros and cons. Just inquiring, and checking so I assume I don't need a team for this.

I don't play doubles, but for several reason I cba to list I'd go with Mega Salamence.

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Charizard would definitely be better in this case. He has faster speed and more counter able and common weaknesses of Rock (x4), Electric (x2) and water (x2). Salamances advantages however would be tailwind would keep him in the running with charizards speed and could hold a more valuable item. His weaknesses however are much more common than a charizards, Ice (x4), dragon (x2), rock (x2). Charizard definitely has the move pool advantage but Salamance also has some powerful physical moves, also most intermediate players focus more on sp.def than normal defence, so he is definitely useful. what would be the tie breaker would be your choice on the rest of your team, if they have advantages with drought then Charizard if they are more special attackers Salamance.

Dude, Salamence is base 120 sped while Charizard is base 100 speed.
This answer seems to be running fast but going nowhere. You say that Zard is faster, yet MegaMence is base 120 and can make use of Dragon Dance. Mega Charizard Y has a barely bigger movepool, but both of these Megas are rediculously predictable. However, when you predict MegaMence you run and hide. When you predict Charizard, you put up Stealth Rock. You also completely invalidate your claim to Charizard's superiority by saying that he's weak to very common types, and that he's "counter able" to them. This makes no sense as Mega Charizard Y is so piteously frail that if it happens to be outsped by a Rock Slide, Volt Switch, or Hydro Pump outside of Sun, he's going down. And finally, what do you mean by "intermediate players focus more on Special Defense than normal Defense" (expansion mine)? There is such a thing as a Gliscor, or a Hippowdon, or any other physical wall used by advanced players. This answer portrays a certain level of incompetence and you contradict yourself multiple times.