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I wanna start chaining for a shiny Absol but I don't know what breaks your chain. What is everything that breaks a Dexnav chain in ORAS?


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If you have a different wild encounter during the chain, then it will break. If you run from the Pokémon, then the chain will break.. ~ Serebii

This basically sums it up. Your chain will break if you encounter a Pokémon other than Absol, if you run away from the encounter, or if the Pokémon escapes or is scared away. Also, leaving the area (Flying/Soaring away, walking onto another route, or entering a Secret Base) will also break the chain. Be sure to bring plenty of Max Repels to avoid encountering other Pokémon, as well as some Elixers/Ethers/Leppa Berries and Max Potions/Full Restores so that you do not need to leave the area in order to restore. Good luck finding Shiny Absol!

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What about encountering Absol and then running away from battle?
Still breaks it, to my knowledge :(
Does leaving the grass Break it? Also what about if another pokemon appears on my Dexnav?
No, leaving the grass doesn't.
What if the DexNav says it isn't in the area?
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  • Wild Pokémon encounters (use Super Repels)
  • Running from a sneaky encounter (even if the rustling grass isn't what you want, you need to fight it)
  • Having a Pokémon run away because it notices you sneaking up on it (be careful and walk slowly)
  • Make sure you either K.O. or capture every Pokémon you sneak up on also (use high PP attacks)