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If I were to use the Encounter O-Power, would that increase the chance of finding Pokémon through the DexNav?

Please include a reliable source or results if you plan on testing this in-game.

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Yes, encounter power makes you find Pokemon more often, so you will find more by dex nav.
From my understanding, the only thing that affects DexNav is the level it's at. Encounter O-Power increases the odds of a random encounter, not the rustling grass ones. So the answer is most likely no. Although I can't back it with sources and that stuff.
I thought the same thing, Qwerty. However, according to the O-Power description, it increases the chance of encountering wild Pokémon. Pokémon found through the DexNav are still wild Pokémon, thus the confusion.

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Source: tried it in game.

Result: I ran into Pokemon quicker.

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