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I got two Secret Pals that have the ability to "tell my fortune". Apparently, I get O-Powers that last for an hour. For every time I try to get the Hatching Power MAX, it gives me some other O-Power. Is there a Hatching O-Power MAX, or am I just getting unlucky?


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You are not receive hatching O-Power Max from your secret pals because it is not one of the O-Powers they can give to you.
They can give you:

  • Bargain Power Max: Decreases the amount of money you spend on items you buy. (The fates want you to go shopping at once!)

  • Capture Power Max: Makes the chances of capturing a Pokemon higher. (The fates want you to catch Pokemon! Right now!)

  • Prize Money Power Max: Gives you more money at the end of a trainer battle. (The fates say you needn't worry about money!)

  • Full Recovery Power: When received, all Pokemon in your party will be healed. (The fates predict that your Pokemon will be well!)(This can only be received from your secret pals)

Why gamefreak didn't have them give you Hatching O-Power Max we don't know.
Hope I helped!

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Secret Base pals only give 4 Max opowers:
Full Recovery
Prize Money

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Secret_Base#Secret_Pals
(have to scroll a little bit)