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I used Pokedit to make a Meloetta, and I marked it as legit, meaning it can use only moves and Abilities it normally has. I put it in my White 2, and I don't know where to find the Move Tutor for Relic Song. I know he's in Castelia City, but can I even have Meloetta learn it?

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There`s no such thing as a "legit" hacked pokemon.
Just hack Relic Song..
i think what he/she means is if its hacked in but everything about it is legit such as moves/stats/etc.
Legit hacked? XD

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To my knowledge, a hacked Pokémon canstill be taught tutor moves. It's like teaching a hacked Tyranitar Ice Punch via Move Tutor – it still works. Whether or not you can transfer that Meloetta is another story.

You could also just hack Relic Song onto said hacked Meloetta.

I agree my friend gave a ton of rare and legendary pokemon through this website and Boom Jirach Darkrai Archus are all in my party now!!! Wassa!!!
I thought T-tar only got Ice Punch through event :/
Nope, it gets it via ORAS Move Tutor.
Just realized :P