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So, I decided to have a Wifi battle, and this person Mega-Evolved ALL of their Pokémon. Their name seemed Japanese-like, so is it only a thing in Japan? Or are they hacking? Also, their team was made of shiny legendaries.

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How the heck do you Mega Evolve Legendaries other than Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre? The last two aren't even Megas, technically, they're Primal Reversions, and I believe there's no limit to the amount of Primal Reversions you can have.
shiny legendaries... aren't there only M-latios, M-Latias, and M-Rayquaza for legendaries? not counting P-Groudon and P-Kyogre

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Yes. Obviously they are a hacker if they can Mega Evolve more than one Pokemon.

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