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On the first turn, my Talonflame used Brave Bird then Electivire used Earthquake, it wasn't effective on Talonflame. On next turn Electivire used Earthquake and it killed my Talonflame O.o.

PS: I wasn't holding any gravity item(iron ball etc.) Gravity was never used.

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Do you have any proof? The replay? If not this could possibly be a troll question.
My Battle recorder is full.So i couldn't record it:/ i erase most of the videos because of that
People even do troll questions here?O.o

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If Gravity wasn't in use and you weren't holding an item that affects levitating Pokémon, then the only explanation is that you used Roost on that turn.
If a Flying type Pokémon uses Roost, their Flying typing is taken away for that turn, making them vulnerable to Ground attacks and other moves that would usually not affect them.
I find this highly likely, as you probably predicted the switch and used Roost.

Another possibility is that you were hit by Smack Down, and somehow survived.

Source: Experience

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You are right i use roost.I didnt know that i guess you learn something everyday!