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Was playing vgc battle against a buddy and I had rotom wash with gyarodos. Gyarados used earthquake and it koed my rotom wash saying supereffective. I understand super effective bc of electric typing but why did it even hit bc it has levitate. Very confusing just want to get an answer for that.

the title to this question sounds like a joke

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A Move/Ability got through Levitate

If it was a Mega-Gyrados then it would have Mold Breaker which hits through Levitate

If it wasn't maybe Gravity or your Rotom-W was holding an Iron Ball

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If the gyarados was mega, then it gets mold breaker which negates abilities that prevent moves from going through, such as levitate, that would mean mega gyarados could hit rotom-w even with levitate.

If it was regular gyarados, that should be impossible unless a move was used to render abilites useless such as gastro acid