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The other day I was working on leveling my Charizard to lvl 100 with the E4 when the enemy's Krookodile (with intimidate ability) used Earthquake. This site says Charizard has immunity to ground type moves (a nice benefit of flying type) but it was super effective against me. Anyone have an answer to this?

(This was on Pokémon Black. Charizard was holding Lucky Egg.)


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The only ways this could have happened are:

  • Your opponent used Smack Down on your Charizard and a previous turn. And Grimsley's Krookodile has it.
  • You used Roost right before your opponent hit you with Earthquake.
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Yes! Thank you! I didn't think about the fact of smack down.  The fact that Charizard didn't have levitate just made me bypass it completely.  Thanks again!
wouldn't smack down just kill charizard in the first place?