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In Let's Go Eevee my pidgeotto was hit by the move earthquake

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Did you use Roost?  That negates the Flying type immunity for the turn.  I believe there is also a hold item that does the same -- was your Pidgeotto hit by Fling previously in the battle?  Did it have another hold item instead?
Smack down?
@Phail there are no item sin LGPE

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Your Pidgeotto possibly used Roost or maybe the opponent used Smack Down.

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Source? It could be your experience or the 2 comments. You should always have a source
While it is true that listing sources is generally better for questions, and can't really hurt, you don't need to.

If the comment section of this post is a source, it is already on the page and doesn't really need to be mentioned. :P
It was Roost