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For very specific Pokemon I want. I also want to know which Mirage Spots to Shiny Chain for Tynamo, Larvesta, and Audino.


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Dex Nav
Basically what you do is find the pokemn you want to capture on the dex nav.
Then Catch it (if its shiny or not) to add it to the dexnav search system.
Then on the Dexnav screen tap the Pokemon you want to chain and hit search. This will guarantee that Pokemon in a shaking grass spot. just keep doing this and over time shinies will appear.

Tynamo - Mirage Caves: South of pacifidlog, North of route 132, North of fallarbor, north of fortree, and west of rustboro.

Larvesta - Mirage Island: Route 114 Mirage Forest: North of route 111

Audino - Mirage Forest: south of route 132, south of route 109 Mirage Island: south of pacifidlog Mirage Mountain: east of mossdeep,

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Anyways, in order to Shiny chain, you have too creep up on your target, which you identify using the DexNav. Things that will break your chain include leaving the area (Fly, Soar, enter Secret Base, etc.), letting your quarry escape, or running from the encounter. Bear in mind that the chances of finding a Shiny are very low, so be persistent.