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I need a guide to how to unlock all the portraits on the second floor, please. Just so people know, to unlock this, talk to the guy in front of the stairs in the Lilycove Museum, then enroll in the Cool Contest at the Lilycove Contest Hall, win and more. I read this on Serebii once, but now I can't find it! Please help me!


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If you manage to win a Master Rank Contest, then a special painting will be made for your Pokémon. One of these paintings will be on display for each contest type in each Pokémon Contest Hall. However, in the Lilycove City museum, the museum curator will open up a special wing which will store 3 images of each Contest type for posterity.
If you manage to fill each of the photos with your own Pokémon, then at the end of it, the curator will give you a special Glass Ornament for your Secret Base. ~ Serebii

That just about sums it up. Just win yourself some Master Rank Contests and he'll open up that wing of the museum.


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