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I want the following Carvanha:

-Adamant Nature
-5IVs -SpA
-Hidden Ability
-Dive Ball

From my understanding, I'd have to find a Female Hidden Ability Carvanha in the wild, then proceed to catch it with a Dive Ball. I would then have to breed it with something in the Water 2 Egg Group with an Adamant nature holding an Everstone until I get an Adamant Female Speed Boost Carvanha, then breed it with my 6IV Ditto until it gets all the IVs I need. Is this all correct? Thanks!


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Yes, that is literally exactly what you need to do! However, make sure that your 6 IV Ditto is holding a Destiny Knot, and obviously the Adamant, hidden ability, Dive Ball, Female Carvanha must be holding an Everstone when breeding it with the Ditto. Also remember that the Dive Ball can only be passed down by a female Pokémon, even when breeding with a Ditto, so when breeding when you replace the Carvanha with a Carvanha with better IVs make sure that it is a female you replace it with.

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