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I've tried to get it with my fishing rod in Poni Breaker Coast for hours. Is my game bugged or there must be something I don't know about getting Sharpedo. Please help! I want it.

Yes, it is impossible to get
I'm getting cancer becuz of this, and gonna quit playing Poke ;(
There's a 5% chance to fish it, but if you could, use the GTS and ask for one :)

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Your game is not bugged, the problem is that Sharpedo is pretty rare. While fishing in spots that aren't bubbling, there's only a 1% chance that you will encounter Sharpedo. When fishing in spots that are bubbling, there's a 10% chance that you will encounter Sharpedo. Just keep fishing for a while and you should eventually encounter one. If you don't want to spend hours fishing, your only other option is to trade with someone who is willing to give away a Shapedo/Carvanha or transfer a Sharpedo/Carvanha from another game.


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Ok, ty for making clear how difficult it is to get. I will try, it was important for me to know how uncommon Sharpedo is, and now I won't fall to disbelief.
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Sharpedo is located at Poni Breaker Cost. The problem is that it is a rare find.

No, try to find it urself, there must be an error with its location. It's unable to get.
I've already completed the Alola Pokedex.
Your DS probably isn't up-to-date. That's my guess as to why you are not encountering Sharpedo.
Your system being up to date will not change if Sharpedo can be encountered or not.
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Go to poni breaker coast and to the very end this is where the water usually spouts. Go to the very end and go inside the cave right next to it (ruins of hope) come out and fish. If you dont get what you want, go back inside the cave and come out to fish in that same spot. Got 2 sharpedos just by doing that for 10 minutes