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I want to add Sharpedo to my arsenal, but I need some information first.


  1. Rough Skin or Speed Boost for the ability?

  2. What moves should it know? (Already got three)

Aqua Jet
Night Slash/Dark Pulse
Psychic Fangs

  1. Breeding with Bruxish?

  2. Places to level up hatched Carvanha?

Thank you for your time :)

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  1. Speed Boost.
    It may be hard to get but you'll need to catch a FEMALE Sharpedo/Carvanha first. (I'll explain the female part later.)
    Speed Boost is an amazing ability for Sharpedo who has amazing attack but is a little slow. Rough Skin is basically an ability useful for walls like Ferrothorn who has a similar ability: Iron Barbs. Sharpedo is too frail (40 Def/S.Def) in my opinion.

  2. I'd go with something like:

    Aqua Jet/Waterfall

    (Better power than Night Slash. Chance to lower Defense.)

    Psychic Fangs/Poison Jab
    (Fighting weakness or Grass and Fairy weakness, your choice.)

    (A must have. Electric weakness + most versatile coverage move.)

  3. Personally I would go with Poison Jab over Psychic Fangs, but I'll show you how to get it on your Sharpedo.
    First you gotta catch a female Sharpedo with Speed Boost at Poni Breaker Path. It's tedious and annoying with a very low chance of hordes appearing. Check this out for help: https://www.reddit.com/r/TruePokemon/comments/5gm16v/is_there_any_trick_chaining_for_a_hidden_ability/
    Then you need a male Bruxish with Psychic Fangs. They can be found using a Super Rod on Route 13/14/15. At Lv 41 it can learn Psychic Fangs.
    Place your FEMALE Speed Boost Sharpedo with your MALE Psychic Fangs Bruxish at the Pokemon Nursery in Paniola Town on Akala Island. There's a 60% chance of Speed Boost being passed on to your Carvanhas (100% for the move).

  4. Go to the Battle Tree or rebattle the Pokemon League (assuming you've completed the game). Get the Lucky Egg from Prof. Kukui after completing the game. Give it to your Carvanha. Use the Exp. Share to distribute that experience. Carvanha won't have to do a thing but enjoy them sky-rocketing level ups.

Good Luck.

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Thanks a lot!
But is Waterfall better Than Aqua Jet? Flinching or Priority?
It really depends on you. Personally, I'd go with Waterfall. You'll already be gaining speed every turn. However, that is IF your Sharpedo can last long enough to acquire decent speed. I'd suggest you go with investing in Def/HP and Atk EVs and slapping an Assault Vest on him.